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gardening - foraging - herbals & medicinals - food preservation - livestock education - guardian dogs


We love sharing knowledge!

When we first started on this journey, we had no-one to ask questions or turn to. It took some time to find individuals and families on the same path as us, from who we could learn. 

While we were looking to establish a "tribe" and local community to partner up on projects and learn from each other, we used YouTube University for much of our initial learning.

We have been able to learn so much from the friends we have gained, and are now able to share the knowledge we have gained with others. 

Each year we raise a fresh batch of poultry to add to our freezer. Here at Hidden Oaks Homestead LLC, we rotational graze our chickens. This helps the birds have a healthier diet, stay cleaner, and requires less supplemental feed.

Due to demand we are now offering our chickens as freezer meat. This allows us to operate under the USDA-FSIS custom exemption. 

Our class offers hands-on learning on how to dispatch, scald, pluck, and clean the birds using proper sanitation and ethical procedures to prepare the birds for the freezer.


Come wearing clothes that can get wet/dirty and close-toed shoes are recommended.


Plan to go home ready to use your newly acquired butchering skills on your own homestead or farm!

Poultry Processing 101.png
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