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Blogging? What's that?

Welcome to the Hidden Oaks Homestead Blog!

We Garden. We Preserve. We Forage. We Farm Livestock.

Blogging? What's That? Writing and editing text is not an easy task and requires not only something to write about, but also the ability to put your own thoughts into words, and string the words together to make sentences which then make sense to a certain audience.

Ideally, one also is able to communicate in a grammatically correct, though also an engaging way. This sounds like a big task!

The Newbie at work

When we jumped into social media and documenting our journey to our homestead and every step along the way, we chose the YouTube route. This again seemed much easier as a consumer watching from the safety of our own living room.

All of a sudden there were people actually watching videos we had published and wanted to hear more. Have you ever been in front of a camera? It's terrifying! Blogging seems to be much the same as Vlogging, however, of course, in written form.

On to new adventures

In line with sharing our journey, we have been asked about providing additional information, recipes, written instructions and stories in a separate and different format from our channel.

So here we are, taking on a new daunting task in attempting to document our journey for you in writing here in blog format.

Wish us luck!


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