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Learn how to grow and process your own meat


Feeder Pigs

We raise our own pork but we also are able to share what we raise humanely on our farm to the local community.

In partnership with a licensed local butcher and meat processor we are able to sell whole and half hogs to our local customers and community.

We purchase piglets, raise them on pasture, under Florida oak trees, having fun in their mud holes and living their best life. Once they reach weight, we drop them with our local processor. Our customers have the option to buy whole or half of a hog and choose their meat cuts as per their preferences.

Watch our webpage and social media for availability


Pastured Poultry

We raise our own poultry and process here on the farm for our own consumption.


We do not currently sell dressed poultry, however will be offering hands-on processing classes for individuals who would like to learn about how to raise their own poultry.

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