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My name is Nicole, and I was born and raised in rural Bavaria in Germany! I am a community herbalist focusing on educating and bringing support to my local community and beyond with a focus on what Mother Nature provides locally. 

I was taught by my grandparents about foraging, herbal remedies and the healing power of hard work and being outdoors. Growing up in a multi-generational home located in a rural village, I was surrounded by family and community where homesteading and growing our own food for individual and community resilience was the way of life.

We were immersed in the natural flow of seasons through growing gardens, orchards, and livestock. Foraging, making our own herbal medicines and applications, and preserving foods has always been a very natural part of my everyday life. I have been really lucky to grow up in an hands-on environment, taught by generational folk knowledge and wisdom, and continue to learn daily from the knowledge and experience of others.

Hello Friends!




Access to knowledge is one of the main factors to keeping the average person on the outside looking in. I'm passionate about sharing knowledge and education with my kids and community about all things "old" including gardening, food preservation, foraging, herbs & medicinals, sewing, knitting and natural living.

There is nothing better then enjoying the outdoors and just BEING and BREATHING.


We work in relation with nature and our garden. This means our products are crafted in small batches with fresh ingredients from our gardens or from what Mother Nature has available seasonally.

I only tincture fresh plant material, and ensure the oils we use in our salves and soaps are infused only with fresh plants as well. Foraging responsibly is extremely important in preserving nature's gifts and ensuring conservation of our surroundings and we only make small batches, therefore many products are only available once or twice throughout the year.

I ethically source the plant material I cannot grow or forage myself from Mountain Rose Herbs as they are the only herb company I trust. Their core values on sustainability and organic agriculture match my own and I'm grateful for their efforts.