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New Years resolutions or staying on our path?

It's been a bit strange this holiday season. I'm a huge fan of the holidays, the slower pace, the extra family time, the sparkly lights, colder temperatures, hot drinks and soups. There are so many amazing things about the Holidays and the end of the year.

We always spend as much time as possible together as a family. Togetherness around the kitchen table is a big deal around here. Don't get me wrong, we do have electronics at the house and we definitely use them. However, we do make a concious effort to put them away and be present. In a world where we are constantly on the go, constantly accessible and always present, it can be tough to step away.

Naturally, going into a new year brings an air of excitement, of newness, of fresh starts with it. This year has been a bit different from previous years. All year we've felt behind and needed to catch up. It seemed we were always late on everything, from starting seeds, to transplanting, to harvesting, to ... simply everything. It's been a tough year.

But oh, there are so many things we want to do. We have really evolved from learning as many skills as possible ourselves, to being able to turn around and teach others what we have learned. From seed starting, over transplanting, cultivating and harvesting, to putting the harvest up and preserving it. From adding livestock to the farm, over raising, breeding and assuring their health, to harvesting meat. From wanting to be on our own, as self-sufficient as possible, away from the busy world, to engaging in our local community and teaching classes. It has been quite the journey.

So we move into this new year with new ideas, with new ways on how to teach lost and forgotten skills to the current and next generations. Because through all the technology we have access to, through all the comfort we have created for ourselves, we will still always need nutrition and community.

We move into the new year with promises of exciting new ventures, serving our communities. We move into the new year with new possibilities of growth.

The first day of the year started beautifully with sun rays coming through the windows early Morning. Thousands of Robins had arrived overnight and made a stop on their way to South Florida and Mexico, feasting on our resilient Florida insects. Our livestock complained loudly, while we slowly pulled on our boots and walked in peace to the barn and pasture to tend to them. What a magical start to the year!

And here we find our peace, our little slice of heaven. Oh, it's messy, and muddy and dusty and can be quite smelly, but it's our piece of earth and we're in love. And so we go, we keep moving, we get excited about the small adventures and big adventures ahead. We turn our head to the sun, close our eyes, breathe deeply, and JUST ARE...

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