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Summer Storms and Sweaty Days

My goodness, is it HOT in these parts!

Not only did the kids and I just return from perfect weather in Germany, while visiting my momma... No! We return and Florida weather kicks into full-on fury!

Yes, hurricane season and summer storms are going strong and we are right in the middle of everything. After the kids and I flew back in, we had rough storms wih 80mph+ straight line winds every single day. Unfortunately for us this meant loosing power and being without electricity for three days.

We do rely on grid power on this homestead, so no electricity meant:

- no laundry

- no showers

- no running water

But when you live in Florida, you better be prepared for hurricane season and are ready to fend fo yourself at least 7 days without any help. Even law enforcement and emergency services remind everyone, that you are on your own for a while after storms come through. So we handled our first week back in real Florida style without runnng water and electricity, and were just fine.

The storms and rain kept the temperatures semi-cool, and having a pond and "emergency water supply" pool was definitely a game changer for us. Between the water sources and our generators, we were pretty comfortable. And low and behold, the linemen did an amazing job and got everyone back up and running within 2 to 3 days, to get everyone back to normal.

With the lines of storms having passed, we're back to our normal Florida weather, i.e. hot and humid! It's been in the high 90s to low 100s around here and gardening and all other outdoors work pretty much comes to a standstill in such temperatures.

I hope you are having a great summer!

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