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The thing about Farmer's Markets

When we started our homesteading journey, Farmer's Markets where not part of our agenda. We wanted to build up a family farm, on which we grew enough to feed ourselves in the most self-sustaining way possible.

Two years later we have cleared half of our acreage, fenced in pastures, added livestock, added to our garden, harvested & preserved food, and started building a community around us. Two years ago we did not think about being vendors at a farmer's market. We simply did not think we would be in a position to have enough food items put away for ourselves and still have enough to share.

Some local businesses came together and organized the first market in our area, advertised locally and guess what? The people came! Locals came to support local farmers and businesses. Because in the times we live, community is important and supporting each other is key.

We signed up for THE MARKET on a whim and scrambled the night before to be at least somewhat prepared with goods for sale, tables, chairs, a cash box and shade. Shade, because we are in Florida after all.

Though we felt a bit unprepared, we ended up all set up and ready to go by the time the market started, and WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! It was an amazing community event. We met lots of locals and semi-locals and where able to introduce people to small family farming, even without prior farming experience. Our message to everyone is: "If we can do it, so can you!"

We were completely taken by surprise and sold out on the items we brought to market and were completely blown away by everyone. THANK YOU for coming out to see us and we are so glad you enjoyed our products!

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