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You're scared? Do it anyway! How I became a "writer"

We have been following a well know organization in the homesteading circle for a while. We had know about the Homesteaders of America, had followed their online content and went to their in-person conferences.

They've been doing an amazing job getting like-minded people together and sharing knowledge. At this point in our homesteading journey we love going to the HOA events to network, learn and re-unite with old friends. This community truly feels more like a family then anything else.

In my youth, before I went head-on into a full-time career and started a family, I had a lot of time on my hands. I grew up fairly feral and was very artistic. Spending tons of time outside and in the woods, my creative outlets were writing stories, poems and songs, along with singing and drawing. And then, I grew up, life happened, and all of it stopped.

Not until years later did I realize how much I missed it. However, by that time I was fully entrenched in a very busy life which left me little to no time to find a creative outlet.

Last year Amy Fewell, the founder of Homesteaders of America decided to move forward with a Homesteading Magazine. Coming from a publishing and editorial background, it was not a farfetched idea and caught on quick. As they moved forward with their idea, they reached out to the community for articles and writers. And I figured, why not?!

I have NEVER written an article for anyone but myself. Never written an essay for anything besides school work. So this was quite a stretch for me. However, I committed, and, after much thought, work, and re-work, I pushed the send button and submitted my article.

To my surprise it was selected as a featured article! Holy smokes! This was huge news and super exciting!

Not only was my article featured over a six page spread in print, it was also published via HOA's online publications. And this meant every Homesteaders of America member got a copy. What and extremely exciting and humbling experience!

The absolute best part about it all are the encouraging messages I have been receiving from people who have read the article and got some kind of inspiration from it. It doesn't get any better than that!

So, my friend, if you've been thinking about something, but haven't had the courage to step forward and go for it, I am here to tell you to JUST DO IT! You will regret not giving it a shot!


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Jan 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Your article is how I found your blog. Thanks for sharing!


I just read your article in the magazine and loved it! I spent time in Germany as a child (my father was military), and I married back into the community with a military husband. We have just gotten settled after all the moves and are building up a suburban homestead. I look forward to seeing more of your articles! Thank you for sharing your story - it brought back wonderful memories of our multi-generational neighborhood and how the whole community wrapped me up as a child. <3

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